Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Light in This Tunnel

America's allies in Iraq under pressure as civil war breaks out among Sunni - Americas, World - The Independent: "A vicious civil war is now being fought within Iraq's Sunni Arab community between al-Qa'ida in Iraq and al-Sahwa while other groups continue to attack American forces. In Baghdad on a single day the head of al-Sahwa in the southern district of Dora was killed in his car by gunmen and seven others died by bombs and bullets in al-Adhamiya district"

This is just dandy. A Sunni civil war to bookend the Shia civil war with a sectarian one between Shia and Sunni. Not to mention the countless internecine squabbles by various ethnic groups and criminal gangs. What's your plan for this Saint McCain. Have you found the pony yet?

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