Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hearts and Minds

How not to win a war against extremist Islam. After 7 years, Sami al Hajj was released from the Gitmo Gulag without the US government ever publishing any charges against him. His supporters claim his incarceration was a way to punish his employer Al Jazeera for their negative coverage of the Iraq war. Given the circumstances that he was held so long without charge or trial, it's hard to counter that argument. Of course, the wingnut populace of America would declare my statement anti-American and pro terrorist. My response to them would be "kiss my ass you traitors to the Constitution".

Via The Raw Story

Al Jazeera cameraman who returned yesterday to his home of Sudan from
Guantánamo Bay and delivered a speech broadcast live on Sudanese
television described the US facility as "heinous."

His speech was broadcast live on Sudanese television. He was held at Guantanamo for seven years, and was never charged.

"After 2,340 days spent in the most heinous prison mankind has ever
known, we are honored to be here. Thank you, and thank all those
defended us and of our right in freedom," said Sami al Hajj, who spoke
at an event organized by his.

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