Tuesday, July 15, 2008

About That New Yorker Cover

Most of the lefty blogs I checked on the NY’er cover were pretty much split like here. Some were genuinely outraged, but most were just rolling the ball around on a slow newsday. And after all, those of us who thought the NYer bungled the satire were in effect defending Obama.

Though, I get the point about those who went ballistic over FISA AND the cover have misdirected energies and certainly lack “message discipline” of wingnuts. But that’s like condemning the Leopard cause it has spots – it’s just the dem way to speak out individually. Not really that smart in the midst of a POTUS election IMO, but I won’t say it’s a bad thing in the long run. Rather have that than the wingnuts marching in a straight line, usually right over a cliff.

It’s hard to tell what the excessive carping on Obama is all about. I personally believe it’s mostly die hard HC people venting their anger because she lost.

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