Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Will Become of Today's Republican Party

Funhouse Query; What will become of today's Republican party?

Beginning with signing of the 60’s civil rights laws, and then
jumpstarted by Nixon’s Southern Strategy (would have happened without
the SS) it was inevitable that the Republican Party would eventually
become the Southern or Southeastern party. Meaning, that the
wingnuttery we see today which is dominating the GOP
and driving out moderate repubs, is nothing more than a slow osmosis of
Deep South ideology, as it has evolved over time. The religion in
government, harsh penal codes, war war war, and a kind of modern soft
white supremacy come from the politicians thru the people of that part
of the country and they have the numbers to get their way. This is why
wingnuts seem to be getting crazier by the day IMHO. the ones with half a brain see the writing on the wall of the GOP
becoming a permanent regional minority party, and knowing they have to
do something, but what . Instead, they get more wingnutty by the day,
pining for the second Reagan coming, which isn’t. The GOP
is dead as it exists today, and probably for some time to come with
southern wingnuts ruling the roost. Unless of course, democrats fuck up
so badly, it will give them a second chance. Which isn’t out of the
realm of possibility.

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