Friday, November 21, 2008

National Healthcare

Actually, there is the number one proposal that will change the entire political pair-a-dine, and that is National Healthcare. Obama’s plan is more incremental than most dems, but it is still going to be the battle Royale between left and right. Once it becomes the law of the land, the last nail in the Conservative Movement coffin will be driven in. It will redraw the political playing field in favor of dems, and change our economic model forever. With businesses, especially small ones, no longer having to worry about this albatross around their necks, it will cause a boon in small businesses across the board, and also help big corporations. At least in the beginning. Later on, paying for it will mean more taxes likely and other problems of delivery and facilitation. Wingnuts will be reduced to braying about socialism and chipping away around the edges. The edges of the voters life and death access to health care.

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