Monday, December 15, 2008

Greed, What Is It Good For?

Yes, I have flippantly used the word greed to describe what the basic problem is, even though it doesn’t accurately describe my thoughts on the matter. It’s a single word and connotates a negative, but I also don’t think greed is bad in the context of what business entities should be about.

My own reflections on the current state of affairs has more to do with a kind intellectual and moral laziness brought about by prolonged periods of prosperity, such as we’ve seen since WW2. It was the trauma of the Great Depression that brought about the reforms of how free enterprise should be carried out and is what brought about a large and productive middle class, pretty much unfettered since. It is the illusion that total freedom is the way to go in economic matters and has been championed by the so called Free Trader mentality mostly of Republican Conservative ideology. But I think it was Nietzsche who said something like Total Freedom is the Ultimate Prison. We are learning today of that truth. Nothing like the prospect of an empty pot to focus the mind, and many more people in American are truly afraid their pot may go empty. This is a good thing, as any country, even one as successful as ours, is put in jeopardy when it’s citizens are complacent and take success for granted as permanent.

It is the people who vote for their leaders, who watch the Chicken Coop to keep away the wolves who are most responsible for our current plight, IMHO. And the old maxim of No Pain No Gain will once again prove to be ,hopefully, our friend in the end.

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