Thursday, February 26, 2009

Further Musings on Libertarianism

Libertarianism, like Conservatism should be confined to impolite discussions at Dinner Parties and Blogs. Like doctrinaire Conservatism, It also lacks a "program repair function" grounded in pragmatism. And often taken to it’s natural progression in actual situations of governance, starts to resemble anarchy. In comparison, the political concept of true progressivism, the over riding idea is for finding what works and doing it. Until it doesn’t work, then fixing it or trying something new. And I don’t necessarily equate Liberal of Left wing dogma as automatically "progressive". It can be without the dogma part and a "program repair" function based in the pragmatic. And, once upon a time there were creatures that were progressive conservatives. They have long since become extinct and may be buried alongside TR.

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