Friday, April 23, 2010

How Dumb Are American Voters?

Here is how dumb.

A new Citizen Opinion/Democracy Corps poll shows "a significant drop in the proportion thinking the country is off on the wrong track and a rise in the number who think the economy is improving.
You would think that this would be good news for democrats, but you would be wrong.

However, the change in economic thinking "is not producing a change in political thinking. The Republican 7-point advantage on the economy is unchanged this month. There is no growth in people believing Obama's economic policies have produced a better economy."
 That's right. recent other polls show that the voters still blamed Bush and republicans for the economic downturn, and when dems and Obama take over governance and the economy improves as well as those thinking the country is more on the right track, they still won't give Obama and dems credit and prefer republicans on the issue of the economy. Go figure.

via Political Wire

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