Monday, April 26, 2010

Confederate Tea Baggers. Point and Laugh?

I don’t laugh at them much these days, but I also believe that we live in a much different world, where layers from onions get peeled away much faster with our digital media. The GOP is a dying party imo, and like most things that die slowly, there are gasps of something like revival. There is a fail safe point for reaching back into the bowels of history to resurrect something like southern pre civil war ideology and trying to dress it up in populist drab for current times.
It is dashing and flamboyant in an American fantasist way of days gone by, where self sufficiently was real in day to day survival, but with that kind of independence, also came equal hardship. It is romance we are seeing with the American myth of exceptionalism via hardscrabble ways.
But underneath the southern brand of this myth was once long ago a reality built on the sweat and blood of hatred and forced labor. And ultimately. great tragedy for the American soul. They are playing a game with desperation, Mitch the bitch and the others, riding one last wave of white power and supremacy, that when the sheets get pulled away and what’s underneath found out, the country will recoil, and drive the last nail into the GOP and their last dance with the devil.
What comes after that, who the fuck knows.

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