Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Flower Grows Amongst the Tarballs

Remember all the gloom and doom predicted by our progressive and wingnut friends about Obamacare being Barrack's Waterloo. Seems rumors of his demise were exaggerated.

Support for Health Care Law Hits New High
A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds public support for President Obama's new health care law has risen to its highest point with 45% in favor and 42% opposed.

It is the trend that is important. As the constant GOP misinformation campaign of doom over the HCR bill diminishs, and people have time to think for themselves without being inundated with lies about the reforms, this trend toward approval and acceptance will continue to rise. And the wingers know it, and that was what motivated them to go metal to the floor to stop it from being passed. It is starting to sink in, that the roughly 80 percent of people already with HC insurance begins to realize they have more security now from their existing insurance, they will realize they are better off than they were.


  1. There does seem to be some "tide turning." Coupled with today's apology by Barton to BP, as well as some truly crazy Republican candidates in November, and, of course, Lady Sarah and her dams and dikes, the administration and the Democratic Party should be able to change the game....

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