Sunday, June 20, 2010


This morning in the Wash Post David Broder writes:

"The eagerness with which Democrats pounced on the foolish comment of Rep. Joe Barton...that BP had been the victim of a White House 'shakedown" tells you everything you need to know about their need to change the subject from the problems confronting the Obama administration."
WTF? Criticism of Barton is guided by the need to "change the subject...?" How about there would be less written about the problems confronting the Obama administration if the press would stop writing stupid columns and editorials about the supposed problems confronting the administration, including how much he smiles, shouts, cries, poos, and changes his shoes. Secondly, maybe Democrats and other sane people reacted strongly to Barton's comments out of principle. Yes, David, individuals actually do act out of principle. To apologize to a corporation that willing circumvented safety measures and knowingly violated regulations AND not only caused one of the worst environmental disaster, but ALSO the loss of life, is beyond repugnant. But, somehow in Broder's little mind, the reaction was not out of disgust for a disgusting comment, but out of a need to "change the subject."


  1. Thanks I am still disgusted. I probably will add Part II later today!