Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Current Polling For the 2010 Mid Terms and My Early Predictions

I am not paying much attention to polling in individual races like this one, at least not yet. But if you mine into the internals of these polls, even now, you will find some real bugaboos for the wingnuts, like a surprising, to me at least, persistent laying of larger blame for our current straights on the wingnuts. Where the blame belongs.

Sure many are polling well against incumbent dems, even in some blue states, but most are not really that focused on the actual race and it’s candidates in those states. They never do, until around labor day. So I think much of the negative polling toward dems is just a nay that things haven’t improved to the level most would like, and when faced with an election day choice of what lever to pull, will not pull the lever easily for the party, and it’s candidate they hold ultimately responsible for causing their problems.

Many will vote against dems, and there is no doubt the energy is highest on the winger side, but it has only been two years since the repubs and Bush were running things into the ground. When voters are reminded of this on their teevee sets, some reality will cause them to realize they only have two choices, and one choice they have been there done that for eight years instead of just two with Obama.

I am predicting that dems will lose 5 senate seats and 25 House seats.


  1. I'm predicting that there will not be a 1994-style blowout. For one thing, the Republicans seem to be making it easy for the Dems to run attack ads against them.

  2. Me neither. And thanks for commenting!!

  3. I shall dance in the streets if you are right.

    @ Truffle, the GOP is also making it easy but letting the Tea-Bags run the party from the right and nominate insanely crazy nutjobs for the GE that can't win. Yay!

  4. Hey Sia. Hope I'm right also. Nice to hear from you:)