Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today's Wingnut Moment of Zen

The presumptive GOP nominee for Minnesota's upcoming governors race pulls the "tenther" card.

Minnesota state Rep. Tom Emmer, the presumptive Republican nominee for governor, has further expounded on his theories of nullification, declaring that states have the power under the Constitution to undo federal legislation.

Of course these vapid supporters of the constitution, and blasters of the Obama cult of tyranny in shredding the constitution haz them a wee problem.

There's one problem that Emmer and other nullifiers -- or to use a modern term from the blogosphere, "Tenthers," after the Tenth Amendment -- would face: State nullification of federal laws has consistently been found to be unconstitutional throughout this country's history.

I suppose all those federal judges over he centuries must have "liberal Activists" and a quick processing through the wingnut alternate truth machine should wash all that marxist yackety yak out and bring us some God sanctioned republican truth.



  1. Don't worry. While driving home from school tonight I was told from a guy on the radio that we are in the "last days." He implored me to prepare. So I stopped at the store and bought several bottles of wine. Now, I will drink and wait...

  2. LOL, might as well spend our "last days" with the Lord Wine.

  3. LOL, Might as well spend our "last days" with the Lord Wine.