Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have been asked to contribute to this blog. I consider this an honor. The General always has been a favorite of mine at BJ...With this new blogging pleasure comes the responsibility of finally becoming more tech savy than I am now -- which is less than nothing. In the immediate future, I am going to take pictures of my two darlings -- Smrda and Diesel -- and hopefully post them. I am lucky to have graduate students who work with me, who are quite tech savy and who can guide me through a learning process. They will love the fact that for once, they know more than me...Although in truth, in class, they continually amaze me with their knowledge, skills, and experiences. Most of my graduate students are former Peace Corps volunteers, like me, and it amazes me how we can share experiences across the years that separate us. I was a volunteer in the 1980s in Liberia, while they are all recent returnees.
Anyway, I will end here with a new beginning....


  1. Wow, it did work. Can't wait to see pics of your kitties.

  2. Way to go Annie - will check in to read your stuff here too!