Sunday, July 25, 2010

Notes On Independent GOP Political Action Groups

The thing is with these now limitless money groups funded by nervous plutocrats, when they start to rival the party national committee, things can get quickly out of hand on messaging. These groups are in the shadows by and large and are hard to hold responsible as separate entities from the RNC. So all the crazy shit coming our way will all get pinned to the GOP proper. All the tea bag nonsense and loopy ads about watering trees with blood of liberal tyrants, and the rest of the quasi racist horror show will all be processed by the public as republican.
And they have no single leader to act as a buffer to this effect and articulating what the right wing stands for.
And spending a boatload of money attacking Harry Reid cannot be very affective when your tea bag nutbug candidate is hold up in undisclosed locations.
I’ve been watching the polling turning toward dems in NV and KY with Paul, and the wingnut circus hasn’t really yet begun, until just after Labor Day. Money can’t by you love when you are insane.

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