Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dog Blogging Tuesday


  1. Tell Charlie this is all a bad dream and one day we will wake up and Glen Beck and Sarah Palin will only exist in their own minds.

  2. Hey General -- nice place ya got here! Love the Charlie dog -- he looks considerably smarter than most of the BJ commentariat, tee hee.

    And the Doggie Last Supper painting is great -- never seen that one before.

    Last but not least, the PUMA Septic Tank "blog roll" is an INSPIRED touch. Lady Jane was in full metal teabagger mode today sneering at how HCR is gonna kill Dems in the election cuz they didn't listen to HER. Insufferable twat.

    See you back at the madhouse.....

  3. Thanks for stopping by eemom. Don't be a stranger.

    Annie, sometimes I wish I was a dog and could ignore the lunatics that surround us all.