Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have been thinking about this for several days. The conservative narrative is that Muslims are somehow unique when it comes to violence. That their religion compels them to kill those who are not Muslim. That the central precept of their religion propels them to commit violent acts. What the conservative narrative fails to admit is that all religions have individuals who commit violence in the name of their faith. Take Northern Ireland -- a relatively recent conflict. Roman Catholics against Protestants. Since the 1970s more than 3,000 individuals have died, with more individuals severely injured. Political murders, car bombings, and "human bombs" were all undertaken in the name of keeping the faith. If we follow the conservative narrative, we could argue that their faith is violent, and their faith compels them to undertake violent means to accomplish their goals. That the evidence of violence in the name of faith means that moderates who want peace are acting against what their faith teaches them.

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