Friday, September 24, 2010

Yes, let's have her advise our children

Several video have shown Christine O'Donnell advising young students about virtue, integrity, honesty, and sexual purity. Is this really the person we want advising our youth? What else can she tell them. That virtue, integrity, and honesty only applies to not having sex before marriage. That when it comes to how one lives ones life, these values do not apply. Given her past, particularly her illegal use of campaign funds for personal expenses, including paying family members for dubious work, what exactly is Christine's message? Don't finish college and just lie about it. Pretend that you were accepted into a prestigious University (Princeton) for graduate school, when clearly that never happened. Don't hold a job for long. Clearly her message to young people is that working hard in college, finding and working hard at a job, living within one's means, and using public funds legally are not worthy values. Clearly her message is that professing a set of core values is fundamentally more important than actually living these same set of core values. That is what brings success.
Sadly, Christine embodies conservatives and tea partiers. Individuals that profess a set of core values in public, but not even close in practice. And, they claim the right to lead the next generation, as well as the country.

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  1. Tee hee. She could teach evolution and solve the age old mystery of why humans are not currently becoming monkeys and having illicit sex, or any sex at all.