Friday, August 26, 2011

Republicans, Democrats, and Messaging

Wingnuts build impressive lies and equally impressive is their mind
numbing and relentless repetition of those lies. Don’t confuse that with
“messaging”. It is not that. It is simply being an organized and
energetic liar, which the teevee cameras love, cause it usually creates
drama. When a hapless liberal shows up to counter the fascinating lie
with the drab dreary facts and truth which actually is “messaging”, the
difference in reactions to the creative lie as compared with the fixed
nature of truth, can be to misidentify what dems are doing and should

It is simply an act of faith, that the consumers of political speech
will somehow someday put more value on dull facts, than on the sensation
that crafted lies can bring. I don’t want dems and liberals to parrot
the wingnut style of campaigning, which all of it is these days,
campaigning. Dems aren’t perfect, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea that
they streamline the facts into snappy soundbites, but I don’t profess to
have a clue what that would be.

Once again. The problem is not primarily dem messaging, nor even the dubious media. IMO. The problem lies within the voting citizenry in this country, and a high level of shallow complacency to selfish mendacity to outright racial tribalism. The only antidote for this condition is experiencing pain and with it the gain of useful knowledge. This is only my opinion, and subject to being completely wrong.

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