Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Building A Better Wingnut

Wingnuts are all about control, and they don’t want government doing good things for people that need it, because they lose control of those people for their own political designs.

And that control is greatest when counting possible votes in the future, due to the lizard brane knowing it is lizard, and therefore predatory, for wealth and concentration of wealth by whatever means necessary that is stealthy enough to slip by the rubes what they are really up to.

The reason they are against a government safety net, besides not personally caring about those in need, is that without that gov help, the hungry and desperate would turn to their allies in the wingnut churches. Where loyalty and survival are traded for the mind, spirit, and a loaf of bread, to ultimately keep the jeevus party in power with the political and religious strings attached to anything they provide for the needy.

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