Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ACORN, Undead

To the wingnuts ACORN was and continues to be a symbol of what is
happening to them in THEIR country. Not enough wingnut babies and future
voters being born to keep them in power. So they indulged in deep
fantasy, that if they could kill the vote reg monster ACORN, then they
could sleep at night and all would continue peaches and cream, in the
land profit.

It was a fantasy, as ACORN was not their problem, their problem was a
country marching to its own destiny as a matter of math, and the
promise of the founders realized as a truly melting pot country. “Your
tired hungry masses” and all that kind of thing.

So even with the corporeal ACORN as historical worm food, it’s ghost
is all they have to project their fear and dread onto, over something
which they have no real control. Demographics, being a force unto
itself, that can only be stopped by killing the democracy of the country
it lives in. They haven’t quite made the decision to go all in with
that last resort, as we are not quite into the end game for loss of
white majority in America. yet.

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