Monday, November 26, 2007

No Surprise Here

Baath reform spurs uproar in Iraq parliamentPosted by roboblogger 6 hrs ago | via Los Angeles Times This link will take you off Topix“Then they may reach decision-making positions without punishment to [those who were] wrongdoers.”BAGHDAD -- Reforms that would ease curbs on former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party rejoining Iraq's civil service and military appeared headed for legislative gridlock after attempts Sunday to read a ...
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Memo to our GOP "pollyanna" Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham

As I stated in an earlier post, Iraqi Shiite's will never agree to allow their former Baathist tormentors to join the Shia government. Your musings recently about being "cautiously optimistic" is the worst kind of magical thinking. It is the same type wishful thinking that got us into the Iraq mess to begin with. It is also devoid of basic common sense that we would normally expect from a sitting U.S. Senator. Even if the Iraqi Shiite legislator's pass some sort of Baathist reconciliation law in order to placate the US, it will be so weak as to not allow but a few, if any, Baathist's to return to government. And otherwise would not be enforced in real practice.

Something to consider, sirs. Every day that war supporters string out our occupation of this Muslim country, more people will die. More American GI's and more Iraqi's. And "we can't afford to lose" ain't no battle plan. The ONLY possible way to truly get Iraqi's to work out their differences is to simply leave them alone, or, unless they ask for help with DIPLOMACY to help mediate an agreement to live in some sort of peace with one another.

And has the surge worked as planned ?-- a temporary reduction in violence without reconciliation does not equal success. Do you plan on keeping the surge level of troops in Iraq indefinitely and destroy the American military? Please tell us.

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