Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Saturday Fly On the Wall Night

Our Dear Leader in cajoles with Saudi Prince Salman Abdul Aziz. brother of King Abdulla.

Prince Salman- Georgy boy, why are you laughing so hard. We have heard you are not so popular with your subjects.

GWB-Yea, I know Salmmy, but they ain't a darn thing they can do 'bout it, Hee, hee. Besides, oil's got so high we all gettin' rich in the bidness.

Prince Salman--Now you make me laugh so hard too. What will become of us and our big profits when you are gone?

GWB--Well Salmmy, don't fret, I got me a plan on that.

Prince Salman- Please tell me your plan Georgy. I am so excited.

GWB--Well, don't tell, but I'm gonna bomb the shit right out of the mullahs in eye-ran while I'm headed out the door of the White House. I reckon that'll keep oil prices stuck to the ceiling for awhile. Heee Hee, Hee.

Prince Salman- That is so good Georgy, I can't wait to tell the King. We will be rich and death to the blasphemous Persian devils. By the way, how do you like the sword?

GWB-- Why, it's the best present I ever got Salmmy, Say, ya don't have any heads need loppin' off do ya? Hee, Hee. Just kiddin' Sallmy, sorta.

Prince Salman-- Georgy, what do you plan for Iraq in your last year?

GWB-- Well Salmmy, I plan on blamin' the whole mess on the Clinton's, when Hellary gets elected. Hee hee.

Prince Salman- Georgy, please hold my arm a little tighter like at the Chariot Races last year.

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