Saturday, January 19, 2008


Our "states rights" wingnut's are at it again. Anything and everything for big oil should be their motto. When Senator Barbara Boxer requested documents from the EPA on why they denied California a waiver to institute it's tougher than the feds emission standards, the EPA invoked "Executive Privilege" while providing blank and redacted documents. This is the EPA mind you, that secret agency deep into national security. If it got out how they do their business the terrorists have won. But apparently, one man made this decision that effectively stopped 15 states other than California from fighting global warming and air pollution in general.
EPA Deletes Large Portions of Documents Turned Over in Calif. Greenhouse Gas Case

AP News

Jan 18, 2008 21:41 EST

Invoking executive privilege, the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday refused to provide lawmakers with a full explanation of why it rejected California's greenhouse gas regulations.

The documents provided Friday by the EPA omitted key details, including a presentation that Senate aides said predicted EPA would lose a lawsuit if it went to court for denying California's waiver.

The refusal to provide a full explanation is the latest twist in a congressional investigation into why the agency denied California permission to impose what would have been the country's toughest greenhouse gas standards on cars, trucks and sports utility vehicles.

Do we really need an investigation to know what happened here. After 7 years of fierce protection of big business by the Bushies and a big middle finger to laws they don't like, this is just business as usual by GOP gremlins. No circumvented law left behind, regardless of the benefit to the country as a whole, or, this case, the world.
"The documents are going to show the decision remained the responsibility of the administrator," Shradar said. "He stands by his decision."

Everything except the titles was omitted from 16 pages of a 43-page Power Point presentation, according to copy of the document e-mailed to The Associated Press.

"Everything but the title" was omitted, You got to hand it to them, their arrogance is world class.

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