Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crazy Time Campaign Fun

What a circus dancing past America today. Obama states a truism (albeit poorly) and the hounds are howling for blood. The question is, will this election be any different than the recent ones where sound bite spinology wins the day, or are Americans willing to turn on their brains and ponder reality for a change. Desperation can be the mother of awakening minds, but is the American electorate desperate enough. Maybe, or maybe not, we shall see.

Obama's ramblings at the San Fran fundraiser are nothing new, at least the substance of what he was trying to say. Howard Dean made a similar remark in 2004, referencing the south's patronage to God, Gays (anti) and Guns before voting for their own economic self-interest. Thomas Frank wrote a book of precision on the subject a few years ago on the subject in "What's the Matter With Kansas".

So what's going to be America? Are you ready for the truth or more culture tribalism whilst your kids go hungry from the right wing pickpockets?

And for Obama. What are you prepared to do, now that you've uttered a taboo. I hope you take the argument to it's conclusion and force a decision by the electorate. If not, and you capitulate to the spin doctor hordes, you will surely lose this election.

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