Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Raw Story | Unusual earthquakes measured off Oregon

The Raw Story | Unusual earthquakes measured off Oregon: "Unusual earthquakes measured off Oregon

Scientists Baffled by Unusual Swarm of Hundreds of Earthquakes Off Oregon Coast

AP News

Apr 12, 2008 16:06 EST

Scientists listening to underwater microphones have detected an unusual swarm of earthquakes off central Oregon, something that often happens before a volcanic eruption — except there are no volcanoes in the area.

Scientists don't know exactly what the earthquakes mean, but they could be the result of molten rock rumbling away from the recognized earthquake faults off Oregon, said Robert Dziak, a geophysicist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Oregon State University.

There have been more than 600 quakes over the past 10 days in a basin 150 miles southwest of Newport. The biggest was magnitude 5.4, and two others were more than magnitude 5.0, OSU reported."

Well this just has to be the end times starting or maybe Godzilla is coming to eat the west coast.

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