Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Pearl Clutching Time for the Faithful

So Obama is moving to the center. What else is new in presidential campaigns.

It’s amazing how many democrats don’t see a difference between Campaigning for POTUS and being the POTUS. I think I have a pretty good idea where Obama comes down on most
progressive issues, and that is, well, progressive. Though I also believe he is a center—left liberal, not a leftist or socialist, or whatever.

A presidential campaign is first and foremost an exercise in getting the most votes a candidate can. That doesn’t mean jumping all over the political spectrum, like say a McCain is doing,
because like most things spectral there is a law of diminishing returns
at play. For a democratic candidate – Go to far right for votes and risk losing
equal or greater numbers of liberal votes, and republicans vice-versa.

It is a delicate Kabooky dance that causes angst amongst the faithful whenthe candidate speaks heresy, but it is not governing. But why does it have
to be this way some ask? The answer is it doesn’t, but it is what it is
and I think so far Obama is purposefully moving toward the center in a
way that won’t cause great harm in governing. But he can go to far
,and it seems to me, he’s up to the line on some issues.

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