Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Truth About Leaving Iraq

Even though Obama claims he going to pull out ALL
combat brigades in a safe 16 month time span, that’s just not going to
happen. What will it be like for Americans staying on there? Like say
the Embassy and it’s diplomatic corp, and NGO’s. contractors etc … Do people think we’re going to have a normal mission where the US Embassy
is guarded by a few Marines and protected by the indigenous forces of
Iraq, which are nothing more than a militia gumbo with loyalties that
rarely include the national government which BTW remains cowering in the Green Zone?

It's kind of laughable in a dark comedy sort of way. It’s going to takeyears to bring out all combat forces and even then, I suspect we’ll have an Operation Frequent Wind Redoux of sorts.The best I hope for Obama is to reduce combat forces and change their mission to force protection (also NGO and maybe some contractor) or IOW’s keep the pale skin population from losing their heads, literally.

The only other viable alternative is some out, then everybody out now and that will be violent adventure, especially if your the last one out the door.

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