Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McCain Campaign Autopsy

When we clear away the wreckage of the McPalin pileup, I think the whole socialism crapola, combined with the shrieking hordes of Palin Bloodworms, will get top billing for the differential diagnoses of fail. When they went down the red bait boulevard, it was a turn that not even the fawning Mccain press bootlickers could follow. He probably would have lost anyway, but that charge was the final nail in the coffin for the Mccain campaign. Just about every interview I’ve watched recently with wingnut Mccain surrogates, the first question the bobbleheads ask is "Do you really believe that Obama is a Socialist" and none, or very few, will say yes. It is true that most of the press are democrats, but they also know who butters their bread and careers. And it ain’t the GOS or the DNC. But letting wingnuts get by with the S word tag would hit too close to home, and that label, if left to stand about Obama, would paint them with the same red brush. IMHO

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