Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Take on Peggy Noonan

Noonan on Palin in Debate with Biden

Noonan has by and large has been one of, and at times the chief Turd
Polisher in the conservative movement. She has been their in-house
intellectual and ideological filter during that time, and part of her
schtick is to mildly criticize wingnut candidates and leaders in a way
that seems humanizing and honest. Populism is something wingnuts fear
most coming from the left because it is the political arrow aimed
straight at the heart of what their really up to—and that is to snatch
up the lions share of wealth in this country from the middle class.
They believe it’s theirs to begin with, but for Marxist/liberal wealth
re-distributors picking their pockets to give it to the rabble workers.
I could well be wrong, but when Noonan goes after Palin as a populist
(but less evil wingnut model) she’s obtusely attacking dems who are the
real class warriors in her/their opinion. She’s making a bipartisan
case trying to negate Obama’s "Change message" in a a too clever by
half way. It’s how she operates.

Today is conspiracy theory Sunday at the Funhouse.

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