Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comrade Stuck Responds

Comrade Stuck offers his response to the recent GOP complaints that the left wished for Iraq to fail -- and now justifies their declarations that they Obama Fails/Limbaugh

On the subject of Iraq, for me it wasn’t a matter of wishing, I can honestly say, that from the day it was suggested by Bush, I have not had a single thought that it could succeed. I was happy that the invasion went fairly smoothly with a low casualty count for GI"S, and hoped we would then hi-tail it out of there before the shitted really started to fly. We didn’t, and it did. I came to my conclusion on the utter futility of such a mission from reading something called history, a neo con no no. 1400 hundred years of pretty much non-stop civil sectarian war, punctuated occasionally by failed foreign occupations and iron fisted dictators to keep the lid on, for a while.

That is not the same as "wishing" for Iraq to fail. And notwithstanding the current relative calm, I have no doubt, none, nada, zip, that the shit will fly again when we leave, whether that’s next year, or 10- years from now, or at anytime in between, for that matter.

I think wingnuts know this too, deep in their tiny black hearts. And why they are scrambling to hang their mistake around Obama’s neck.

Glenn Thrush – Politico

A group of 31 House Republicans have introduced a resolution "declaring victory in Iraq," which is bound to evoke images of "Mission Accomplished" and George W. Bush in a flight suit.

The intention of the resolution isn’t actually celebratory. It’s intended to set a political trap by declaring, six weeks into Obama’s presidency, that all responsibility for the six-year conflict, which was initiated by President Bush on flawed evidence and incompetently pursued for much of his presidency, is now Obama’s to lose.

From the article a quote from Ryan Crocker. which I think is true.

The notion that we have already achieved a "victory" in the conflict is disputed by most experts on the conflict, including Iraq Ambassador Ryan Crocker who recently told author Thomas Ricks, "The events for which the Iraq War will be remembered probably have not yet happened …"

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