Monday, March 2, 2009

Funouse Musing #108

The only thing that can possibly re-unite the disparate idjit factions of the GOP into a viable electable party is the same thing as last time. Losing elections and a growing hunger for power that becomes so great over time they are willing to sweep their disdain for one another under the rug and hold each others sweaty hand.

And even then, when that occurs years from now, they will be faced with overcoming a growing dem demography of increased minority voters and complete the huge task of wooing back moderate fiscal conservative New Englander’s who have had it up to here with the fundies and southern ideologues, and their hateful social constrictions.

This time, they will have to find and embrace an icon that is truly a compassionate conservative. I’ve never seen one, but then I’ve never seen a Unicorn either.

Of course, the wildcard is always the possibility that dems will fuck things up to such a degree, wingers could win as the default party of desperation. If that happens, there might not be much left to govern anyways.

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