Thursday, June 24, 2010

Confederate Wanker Says For the Lazy Bums To Get a Job

Confederate Yankee -

This is pretty much par for true wingnuts, especially those with a job or some other means of paying the rent/mortgage and food to survive on. But it never ceases to amaze me the cold hearted selfishness. And the terms to vilify those who are hurting. To Whit, the title of his post.

Boo-Hoo: Leftists, Media Cry Out Because Filibuster May Mean End of Unemployment Gravy Train

Some gravy train. Most benefits are so slim, all they do is provide enough to still let bills go unpaid, especially mortgages, and some less so rent. Maybe for enough food to barely subsist on. Some gravy train. Made of bread and water.

The filibuster has support because Republicans and Nelson understand that you can't keep plunging the country further into debt and expect to climb out of a recession. By stopping unemployment benefits, the Senate will force those lazy Americans enjoying "funemployment" to get off their backsides and get back to work.

I know that many long-term unemployed people have made a sincere effort to return to work, but I know for a fact that many haven't.

All yes, the DINO Nelson, darling of the right wing, always eager to provide a fig leaf of bipartisanship for the wingnuts when they need on. He needs to be cut loose from the democratic party and left to fend for himself. He serves no useful purpose for democrats other than stab them in the back when it counts.

And By stopping unemployment benefits, the Senate will force those lazy Americans enjoying "  funemployment"

They are such clever little rascals, aren't they, always with the pithy wordsmithing. Yes, being unemployed in a near dead job market that has persisted for going on two years now.

And he goes on to prove he is right, and there are oodles of jobs out there, wanking about his two good brother and brother in law, and smears another brother in law with the lazy brush. Confederate Wanker must be a hoot at family gatherings.

We can't keep subsidizing such people, and it isn't right to ask others who work hard to go deeper in debt to bail out those who won't work.
And this is the best part, and where these hypocritical fools show their stupidity and psychotic priorities. He and his fellow lizard brains were all for every single Bush mis adventure, in Iraq, screwing up Afghanistan, passing the Big Pharma Wingnut Welfare Prescription Bill For Milking Seniors and Enriching Wingnuts Bill. All the Bush tac cuts redistributing the national treasure to rich people to make them even richer. He was all for deregulation across the board for all business, that gave us the Wallstreet Meltdown that caused all these people to lose their jobs in the first place.

And it never dawns on them, that unemployment benefits go directly into the economy as stimulus to help end the recession. They are not dead end dollars.

Never mind --Photo taken by Gen. Stuck in Pinos Altos, NM on 6-24-10

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  1. Yes, unemployed are lazy and abusing the system. But, rich farmers who accept farm subsidies, corporations that don't pay any tax, and defense contractors that bill for billions, but produce trash so they can ask for extensions and billions more are never attacked. I read the comments section, and while several were truly heartbreaking stories, they, still somehow, blame Obama...And, that pisses me off.