Thursday, June 24, 2010


Love the Kansas farmer who posted a sign on his semi saying the Democrats are the "Party of Parasites." Seems he has received approx. a $1 million in farm subsidies since 1995. Clearly a genuine Republican....

Love religious right radio that today talked about "Euthanasia" and how it devalues human life. They went on and on about how EVERY human life has value, and how it is reflective of the culture under Obama, who clearly believes that unborn babies and old people are expendable. Several things come to mind. First, I, too, have issues with Euthanasia, but my concerns are open for dialogue and debate. Secondly, I have never heard Obama preach the virtues of Euthanasia nor advocate for it as administration policy. Third, these are the same people who scream when Gitmo is mentioned, go crazy over detainees having due process, and preach anti-Americanism when progressives argue that detainees have rights. These same individuals feel nothing for detainees that have committed sucide, for those detained for years and have literally lost everything, and for those still being held. Clearly, not EVERY human life has equal value.

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  1. these kind of wingnuts are crazy. And mean spirited. No other way to put it. And we have far far too many of them running around without supervision.