Monday, June 21, 2010

It's hard to keep up

Charlotte Hays, a conservative, from something called the Independent Women's Forum, wrote a little blip on June 18, 2010 on an event she attended at the Hudson Institute. Apparently what she heard was SO profound that she had to write 2 blips. She wrote:

"One of the panelists...made the point that it is not enough that politicians have a commitment to the Constitution and small government, though that is important. And it is not sufficient that they get elected, though that is essential. They need to be prepared to govern."

OMG....Elected officials elected to govern need to be prepared to govern. Wow!

Not to rain on her parade, but I would point out to Ms. Hays that Republicans in Congress are governing...Being an elected official in Congress is being part of the governance structure. That the Republican approach to governance under the Obama administration has been nothing but obstruction, smears, etc., seems lost on Ms. Hays. The Republicans ARE prepared to govern. It is not their preparation that is the problem -- it is what they deliver.

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  1. everything is lost on the Republicans. They're futile in every way.

    You guys are cranking out the posts. Way to go!