Monday, June 21, 2010

Legal system, what legal system?

Hmmmm. Republicans, or now as they are known -- FBPs (friends of BP) -- say that the $20 billion escrow account is not needed because we have a court system already in place where claims against a corporation can be litigated. In fact, they argue that this escrow account amounts to a "shakedown" of the US government against private business.

Interestingly, FBPs are now crying out for the US court system and due process, arguing that the system for submitting claims already is in place and should be followed.

However, when it came to actual humans and unlawful detention, Republicans believed the US court system and due process were not good enough. Using the US court system would somehow favor the "terrorists."

I would argue that what BP has done in the Gulf does amount to a type of terrorism. Lives have been lost. The environmental disaster is one of the worst ever on US soil. Individuals, families and businesses have lost their incomes.

So the main question is, why suddenly is the US court system sufficient when it comes to BP vs the US?

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