Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Library Blogging cont.....

Happy Memorial Day. Or something. Still enjoying the offline life. Starting my second week internet vacation and have gotten past the early acute withdrawals. Don't miss it much now, though it is a hassle handling my bank account without web access. And a few other business thingys you get used to having at the fingertips.

Seems we killed the sixth number 3 Al Quaeda dude with another drone attack. I don't think it is worth it in light of killing civilians in the process, but nobody asked me. At least the military is questioning itself with a report condemning some drone crews for being trigger happy, in a report.

Big bidness is still killing the gulf of mexico slowly, and Obama is getting the blame. Not his fault but he has done poorly doing the politics with it and will likely get dinged for that. As for the cracker populace crying over it it all, I find it hard to muster much sympathy for them. The good peeps of LA, especially along the coast have been the lead morans with the "Drill Baby Drill" crowd for many decades, even more than Palin and Alaska and even Texas. I feel for the environment and the critters, but not much else.

Started watching BSG again and it is just as good the second time around. Charlie is doing most excellent being a cute doggie and all. I feel no rush to get back online, so don't know when I will hook back up. Hummingbird photo season is about to begin on July 1, so that may prompt me to reconnect for my flickr friends to share our pics, but I could care less about following politics like I was, and especially the dumbass blogs and all the wanking from the right and mostly from the left. I am convinced that poeple who blog are the second dumbest people on the planet, just below the News Media in general. I guess that has included me in the past on left wing blogs, so I hope to not rejoin that crap. Writing here is more like just keeping a diary, and if a few or no folks read it, either way will be just fine. I do miss some people at Balloon Juice, my former haunt, but not the blog as a whole. Till later.

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  1. Just checking in...Hope you are well. Miss you at BJ. I also have stepped back a bit, and only have added a post here and there.

    Kisses to Charlie. I miss pictures of the little guy.