Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stop the Presses

All about it. Read all about it.

Republicans focus on tax cuts for recess

House Republican leaders largely avoid mentioning former President George W. Bush in their August recess package to GOP members.

Hilarious - after 8 long and bloody years full of wild spending by self described fiscal conservatives who backed George Bush tooth and nail. Now they never heard of the guy. But they have heard of the "cut taxes" mindless drone from the right. Of course, that is only to reign in Obama's socialist spending agenda.

The Irony Gawds are also alive and well within the winger world when they demagogue daily the size of the national deficit, all the while pushing for the government to collect less revenue by giving their rich friends more riches they couldn't possibly spend all of. Team America - Wingnuts Gone Wild.

nstead of calling for an extension of Bush’s tax cuts, which House Republican leaders support, they refer to the looming “Democrats’ tax hikes.”

Under the heading “Job Creation,” Republicans call the expiring tax cuts, set to lapse at the end of this year, a Democratic plan “on increasing taxes by $3.8 trillion.”

There own sun setted tax cuts set to expire becomes Obama's tax increases. How coolfu is that.

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