Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time Heals Most Wounds

Not really surprising that the country is looking more favorable on the HCR, now that we don't have as many wingnuts going on the teevee lying about it, and no Tea Bag fools screaming at town hall meetings for congresscritters. Just the reforms alone, when the public has a chance to take in a deep breath, should slowly pass into peoples gray matter that they can no longer be tossed off their health insurance at the whim of a greedy insurance company, which so often happened when they got sick. And gradually the now prohibited practice of denying coverage for pre existing condition should also sink in.

The still big unnanswered question is will skyrocketing premium increases begin to come down, or at least stabilize with the national inflation rates. This is a big question mark, and until the new reform provisions kick in, the insurance companies will certainly continue to gouge the public any way they can. And that goes double to providers, especially hospitals.

Opposition to Health Care Law Declining
The latest Kaiser tracking poll finds opposition to the landmark health care law signed into law by President Obama in March has declined over the past month, from 41% to 35%.

Meanwhile, 50% held a favorable view of the law, up slightly from 48% a month ago, and the highest level since the legislation was enacted.

via Political Wire

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  1. That's some good news. We have Kaiser, which is much-less-evil-than-most, and our joint premium just went up 150.00 per month. Mr Screaming wrote a sarcastic note to me about how happy he is about Obama's health care reform on the Kaiser letter informing us of the increase. Haha.