Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Role of Government For the Pragmatic Liberal

I am for government doing for people what they cannot do for themselves/ to include policies that promote the general welfare of the nation. There are many examples of this, and some are debatable for sure
But as a democracy pragmatist, antidotes for those things that have historically bedeviled democracies. And foremost. creating and maintaining a favorable political climate conducive to a thriving and potent middle class.
This is the chief antidote against autocracy, and is really not ideological, or shouldn’t be. It is recognizing structural dangers to longevity for any democracy, and can take many forms, some of which are found in the above list, or that could be achieved in a more efficient and equitable way for all concerned. The details of which are worked out through our legislative and political processes. A commission is just a blueprint, and suggestion, and that is all it is for any consequence. Though I acknowledge it can sometimes be a political cover to do some really bad stuff. I do not see that in this case, for a report that doesn’t become viable unless 14 of 18 commission votes in the affirmative makes it so.
And I am for creating a healthy business sector as well, so long as it exists for the betterment of the greater good, ie middle class, but also balanced with conditions made viable for competition and growth, and profit on a reasonable basis.
It should be obvious that the past 30 years have left the republic in a state of unbalance favoring the wealthy class at the detriment of the middle and lower ones, where the lower ones should always have a net to catch them from falling through the cracks of a compassionate society, that I will not take no for an answer to, at the very least.
The details of this arrangement, or balance of parts is always up for debate, and usually arrived at by people much smarter than me

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