Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Uninhibited Wingnuts

They will for that reason, and just as much, because it is exciting
and new, different, bold, with the kind of charisma possible when not
constrained from telling lies . Which it is, a lie, Ryan’s claim this
will rescue America and create prosperity for anyone but a few, and
freedom to have that lie tool in your pol box opens up all sorts of
opportunity to enthrall with fiction, full of imagined colorful dots
that do not and never will connect.

All dems got is the drab confines of telling the truth and talking
about what the real Jesus would do hanging out with lepers and tending
their troubles, that most always involves being paid for with higher
taxes, that even the most self described good moral American with any
affluence will recoil from, even if they tell pollsters the opposite.

Dems win by persistently telling the truth, in all it’s icky
drabness, and maintaining the faith that sooner or later, justice gets
served in this democracy, in spite of all the obstacles and their boring
blather about responsibility and paying for shit. And that justice is
almost always late, but it usually arrives here battered and bruised, in
the land of the free.

I support dems, warts and all, even if the Les Nessman in our national political sitcom

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