Sunday, August 21, 2011

The GOP Big Idea For Helping America

I think the wingnuts are pathologially fixated on one single thing
right now, and that is to get rid of Obama. Everything they do, is not
weighed for it’s sanity, or it’s effect of doing good for the country.
It is all about getting Obama out of the WH, and Obama knows it. He says
left, they say right. He says up, they say down, and so on. It is why
he can offer them about anything, up to and including, actually all they
want, and they cannot help themselves but to refuse it.

The are completely bumfucked how he got HCR past them and their loose
affiliates on the left, ditto for The Stimulus, DADT, and the rest.
Obama has them so psyched out right now, he could probably announce a
new national project, like bringing Reagan back from the dead, and the
senate wingnuts would filibuster it. And the moron pro left bounces off
the same wall taking every bit of stimuli for nothing more than at face

Boehner hollers “98%” and the firebaggers holler back, hell yea.

I need Quaaludes, lots of Quaaludes

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