Thursday, August 18, 2011

How To Move An Overton Window

I have some good news. An example of the only way dems will ever
move the Overton Window in their direction again, after 3 decades of it
moving right, because that is what the public wanted. Rhetoric by
liberals to convince the voters does not work well because it is about
doing something, or government doing something via works, on the ground,
in their community. That they can see, feel, and touch. Something that
improves their lives.

They listen to republicans, because republicans want to do nothing,
and doing nothing can be expressed in only a few soundbites at a time,
with messages directed to the primal fear center of the human mind, and
come as nothing but lies. Because it is uncomplicated, doing nothing.

Things like this,
in my little burg in bumfuck, NM, are happening
all around the country, unseen, except locally, or maybe statewide, but
not part of the national political conversation. or, has ObamaCare
reached out and touched you? If not, no worry, it will, eventually? And
no rhetoric required, other than to say this was done by democrats.

The question now is, like the new electric car plants going up from
the Stimulus money, and a bunch of other long term progressive
initiatives will carry on, even past Obama’s term, even if it turns out
to be one. it will be a legacy to be proud of, for an ungrateful nation.

Were it to be, those taking the time on blogs, and elsewhere in the
pol speech arena, that those concerned liberals would spend their days
touting successes like where I live, rather than spank the pol monkey
with myopic eyes of simple minds addicted to defeat.

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