Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama - Liberal or Not?

Any fair reading of what Obama has accomplished with actual
legislation, he is one of the most liberal pols in our history. The so
called left of a few bloggers, are confusing pragmatism in governance,
and the certainty of compromise in a democracy, with some kind of
ideological failure by Obama. And hanging on every utterance for any
sign of betrayal, without any regard to the art of politics as a debate
with the other half of the country that votes republican. And nary a
second of focus on the greatest reality of all. What ends up getting
passed, compromised for sure, but also most certainly liberal progress
as the real meaning of ‘progressive’
There is a reason why Obama imposed concentrated federal regulation
for the first time on the health insurance agency. That reason is
success, albeit short of the ideal, but success just the same for moving
the country leftward. Why do you thing that zero republicans voted for
the ACA, and have nearly lost their minds trying to destroy it, even if it means destroying the world economy. Hint, because the ACA was nothing republican, and everything democrat and pragmatic liberal.

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