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By all Means--Purge Away!

What’s needed for a GOP victory in 2008 - A true Conservative CandidateDec 2 at 7:07am by MacrangerI have long said that what the Republican Party needs to revive itself as the party of mention is to purge itself of all the “moss” that has gathered on the “stone” since 2000.To explain we have to go back about 30 years to the last purge.Back in 1974-1975 the President was what would be called a Republican in Name Only, or RINO. That of course was Gerald R. Ford, who passed away this year. Ford was in fact our last true RINO president, after the last president of the Rockefeller wing of the party. He was pro-abortion, tax raising and when it came to being tough on the Soviets he was a disaster.
What’s needed for a GOP victory in 2008 - A true Conservative Candidate by Macsmind - Blog of The MacRanger Show!


Yes, Macsmind, I think your onto something healthy, wealthy and wise for the Grand Old Party to make it's grand old comeback. As you say, the current times and political landscape is Just like 1976 with another Ronald Reagoon waiting in the wings to sweep the wingnut hordes upward to that venerable "Shining City On A Hill". One question --Are you sure you're not confusing American politics with "The Rapture".?

The 35% of voters who now support the GOP wingnut coalition of the stupids, really needs some more paring down to reach ideological purity. I say throw the commie tax raising abortion loving, war hating RINO's out on their keisters .


Then a “coup” in 1976 occurred when the “New Right”, conservatives moved to oust Ford for Ronald Reagan as the Republican nominee. It failed, but we didn’t give up. However that “failure” brought Jimmy Carter to the nation and we are still suffering the affects of that disaster. The way to lose to Democrats is not to “out liberal” them, that’s the lesson Ford learned.

Drat, that damn peanut farmer is causing all the problems in America today.

"While I both support and admire President Bush the fact is that his eight years have only blurred the lines of conservatism further. His “compassionate conservatism” was really nothing more than big government liberalism, and in retrospect he only adopted a few tenants of conservatism, and in retrospect his presidency might have in some ways been the worst thing to ever happen to our party."
Everybody knows GWB is nothing but a big fat librul who kilt our party when we wasn't looking. "DAMN YOU JIMMA CARTER"
But Mark Finklestein will have not of it.

Broder To Republicans: Take McCain-Huckabee

Photo of Mark Finkelstein.
By Mark Finkelstein | December 2, 2007 - 08:09 ET

"A camel is a horse designed by committee." -- ascribed to Sir Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis.

Perhaps the only thing more likely to yield ungainly results than a committee designing a horse is a Democrat designing a Republican presidential ticket. David Broder tries his hand at it in his WaPo column today, "Principles Amid the GOP Pack. The result is a double-humped dromedary known as McCain-Huckabee.
My God, McCain-Huckabee -- "A double humped Dromedary". I was saying this just the other day, quite easily the most creative wingnut insult of the week.

So what bright wisdom's does the Beltway Oracle have on the GOP Angst in the year of our war 2008 [almost].

# for the those who wonder what's a Dromedary with two humps. Think Humphry the Camel.

Principles Amid the GOP Pack

Sunday, December 2, 2007; Page B07

If the Republican Party really wanted to hold on to the White House in 2009, it's pretty clear what it would do. It would grit its teeth, swallow its doubts and nominate a ticket of John McCain for president and Mike Huckabee for vice president -- and president-in-waiting.


The wise one never[always] disappoints. It's the dread Dromedary ticket for GOP salvation in 2008.

Further pontifications flesh out Broder's prescription of "pas de deux" for victory.

What will the little children say?


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