Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gunmen kill at least 20 in Iraqi village

Gunmen kill at least 20 in Iraqi villageBAGHDAD, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- A bomb killed one soldier and gunmen killed at least 20 people in two separate attacks in Iraq. The Multi-National Force soldier died Saturday when a bomb exploded near a combat patrol in eastern Baghdad, the Kuwait News Agency, KUNA, reported Sunday.North of Baghdad, dozens of gunmen Saturday raided the Shiite village of Duwaili, burning homes and killing at least 20 civilians, The Washington Post reported Sunday.Tribal elders blamed the attack on recent U.S. military withdrawals in an area where Iraqi security forces were not ready to assume responsibility for security.
Gunmen kill at least 20 in Iraqi village
As I noted in a post yesterday, what happens when American troops leave an area they've pacified. Well, this is what happens and there few parts of Iraq where it won't happen. So the question remains. How long do we babysit Iraqi's bent on fighting and killing each other? Would it take 3 years, five, 10-15 years.?

This we won't hear from pro-surge pro-war republicans. Their vision extends to not much more than the length of their nose. And certainly not past next years election. Wingnuts are in a desperate struggle for political survival for the near future and cannot be trusted to do what's best for the country. Their only response is to sling their feces at the "surrender monkey defeatocrats". while rejecting out of hand any democratic alternatives. The "party of faith" is conducting the quagmire in Iraq on a "wing and prayer"  that realty of history in Iraq doesn't exist or is at least different than what it is.

Thirty eight dead GI'S last month. An acceptable level of casualties in America.? Not to most of America who will have a voice in Nov 2008.

 What a pretty pickle American is in, at least maybe until Jan 2009

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