Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Surge-- Folly?

Dozens of gunmen overran a Shiite village north of Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 20 people, police said, the latest in a recent spike in attacks in Diyala province, where the U.S. military is rotating some troops out and moving others in.

Last week, a suicide bomber attacked a police checkpoint in Diyala's capital, Baqubah, killing seven people, including five policemen. Another suicide bomber blew herself up near a U.S. patrol, injuring seven U.S. soldiers and five Iraqi civilians. On Nov. 18, a suicide bomber killed three U.S. soldier


Herein lies the problem with Bush's surge. Just the fact of American troops rotating out of Diyala Province while their replacements arrive, provides an opening for increased violence. Al Quaida and the many un-pacified nationalist Iraqi insurgents are not beaten and only need a modicum of breathing space to re-ignite their cause. What will happen when the extra troops in Baquba now begin to be removed starting this month. The victory parades will have to be put on hold and the violence spurred by US presence on Iraqi streets will continue and more Americans will needlessly die. Note to Pro-war wingers--open your small minds and face reality.

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