Friday, June 11, 2010

Electoral Skies Brightening For Democrats?

I have been getting the sense that this was occurring the past month or so, and all the polls are showing similar upticks in dem unity and enthusiasm. Hard to know why, but my guess is the increasing crazy factor of the GOP is turning on that little light in dems head, that these maniacs should not be put in charge of anything, lest it be the national asylum. PPP is a little gracious in it's polling toward the goopers, though they claim to be left of center. Other polling outfits have dems up by more than two percentage points. But it is the unity and enthusiasm factor improving that is the main good news, especially critical in mid term elections, especially for a new presidents party in his first term. Dems will still loose seats, but it may not be the blood bath cable teevee pundits and the wingnuts predict. I also think this represents at least a lessoning of economic anxiety amongst the voting public, though things are still bad, and a double dip recession is still possible.

Unified Democrats Grab Lead in Generic Ballot

For the first time since December, a new Public Policy Polling survey finds Democrats leading in the generic congressional ballot, albeit by the insignificant margin of 43% to 41%.

The biggest reason for the shift is that the party is becoming more unified. Democratic voters are now planning to support their candidates by a 76 point margin, 84% to 8%. That represents an 11 point increase from March.

Via/ Political Wire

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