Friday, June 11, 2010


I been posting on this blog since 2007 and have never had an open thread. Guess it's about time for one.


  1. Sooo,whaddya wanna talk about?

  2. Oh I don't know. I can never choose when the pressure is on. My doggie broke his leash chasing after a deer today and about gave me heart failure. But a little while later he sauntered up to the front porch panting heavy from his little adventure. I couldn't be a bit mad at him, the little scamp// Just glad he knew where home was.

  3. Don't you wonder what he thinks he would do with a deer if he caught it? Would he go for the throat or bite the back of the neck and hang on?

    By the way, are you still having to move? How is the house-hunting going?

  4. I have wondered about if Charlie caught him a deer, and have decided it's the chase he craves, probly would turn around and hi tail it if a deer started chasing him.

    I still have most of 3 months to find another place. I have browsed the paper on the web and some real estate companies, and was heartened to see there are some available, and that will take pets. I am waiting to see if I can work out a long term lease for reduced rent where I'm at and have been for nine years. It's a great location out of town, and I would rather stay. But I have some time to decide. Thanks for asking!

  5. Any place where you have deer coming right up to your house is well worth fighting to stay in! Best of luck to you and handsome Charlie.

    It's good to see you commenting again at BJ. I definitely missed you there during your break and have always found your commenting to be entertaining.

  6. hi General! There's plenty of us O-Bots out here!

    Everyone's seen this graph but wanted to post this anyway. Barack's doin' alright folks.

    Hope linky works.


  7. Just came back from a family dinner. My father's brother (my father has since passed and I miss him dearly even though he made me crazy) was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. I actually was in the wedding -- I was 3 and was the flower girl...My cousins were there, with one of their kids, and we laughed and talk about my father, our grandparents, etc. I happened to be at the dinner by chance. I think about people and family a lot, but I am terrible at keeping up with people. I don't phone, and I rarely email family or lost friends. But tonight was awesome, and I realize the beauty of keeping in touch with people that know your history. And, are part of your history.