Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Plain Crazy

Driving to work this morning I subjected myself to my usual self-torture. I listen to wingnut radio, sometimes political and sometimes religious. Being that today was Friday, I chose religious. Well today's rant was about "the gays," and how God is apparently judging America and that is why things are rapidly going downhill. Not so unusual -- I have heard that rant before. But, today had a little twist. The two speakers somehow tied support for Israel into the message, as well patriotism, the Constitution, and Democrats. Not bad. So essentially the message was that promoting gay rights leads us to foresake Israel, support Israel's enemies, and lead us down a path to subverting the Constitution, electing Democrats, and spitting on our patriotism....Normally, I would write this off to a particularly bizarre message, except that I am aware that millions listen to this kind of message...Never about corruption, always about sex.

1 comment:

  1. Jesus, how can you stand listening. I can't even tolerate NPR anymore.